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Seattle Plant Based Private Chef

Plant-Based Personal Chef  | Seattle in-home meal preparation

How do I get started with hiring a personal chef? 

  1. Email me - we'll schedule a free phone consultation to see if I may be a good fit! 

  2. Next you’ll fill out a short new client survey to help me learn about your tastes, preferences and any dietary restrictions. 

  3. I’ll send you menu ideas on a weekly basis for you to select from. I work once a week from my client’s home to prepare a batch of healthful meals.

  4. Invoices are sent weekly and clients have the opportunity to provide ongoing feedback so that I can tweak recipes to best fit your tastes!

How much does a personal chef cost? 

Depending on your needs, we'll agree to a flat-rate for my services ranging from $375-550/week. This flat rate includes menu planning, shopping, cooking & clean up. Clients will be invoiced weekly for the flat rate plus reimbursement for exact cost of ingredients. 

How many servings will you prepare? 

On average, I prepare a full week’s worth of lunches & dinners for my clients. The number of “servings” varies wildly depending on: 

  • How many portions of leftovers you tend to enjoy - large batch cooking will always be more cost effective, but maybe you know that you get tired of leftovers after a day and want more variety! 

  • What types of meals you want prepared - snacks, breakfasts, lunches/dinners or all of the above? 

  • Whether you want extra fruits & veggies cleaned and prepped for you to make quick simple meals/salads/smoothies/juices. 

What dietary restrictions can you accommodate? 

Any and all... except the “carnivore diet!” I specialize in catering to clients with alternative diets, especially those who have limited options to dine/take out. Most of my clients are not vegetarian or vegan - they just love introducing more veggies into their weekly routine and enjoy experiencing vegetables prepared in ways they've never had before! I specialize in: 

  • Vegan/Vegetarian/Plant-based diets 

  • Whole 30/ Plant Based Keto “Ketotarian” 

  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet / FODMAP

  • Gluten Free / Grain Free

  • Anti-inflammatory 

  • Specific food allergies / sensitivities

What is your cooking style?  

As a personal chef, I work to provide nourishing, seasonal plant-based meals to families and individuals who value their health and the environment. I am particularly inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine but also create plant-based dishes from all types of cuisines! Check out this full food blog or my Instagram @drumbeets for a sense of my cooking style! 

Want to learn how to cook intuitively and set yourself and your family up for a lifetime of eating well? Check out my one-on-one cooking coaching service where we meal-prep together!