Chef Aubrey Jenkins

Plant-Based Personal Chef Aubrey Jenkins

FAQ for Chef Aubrey Jenkins

Are you vegan? 

I don't label myself as vegan or follow any particular diet - I just believe that helping my clients and blog readers learn to love plant-based cuisine will improve both personal and environmental health! As a chef, my recipes focus on whole foods, seasonal ingredients and healthful alternatives. 

Did you go to culinary school?

Nope! I started cooking at a young age with my dad - who is a great home cook! At age 15, I started my first job in a kitchen and worked in the restaurant industry for about 10 years. Restaurant work taught me to be fast and tidy, but most of my skill set grew from developing recipes for this blog! Blogging challenged me to explore all types of cuisines, grow my repertoire through experimentation and learn to plate food beautifully!

When did you become a private chef?

I took on my first private chef client in early 2015. Since then, I've helped dozens of families, catered parties, weddings & retreats, and taught tons of private and group cooking lessons! I love being self employed but it wasn't particularly easy to figure out how to start my own business! I now consult other chefs and home-cooks who are eager to start private chef work!

Why is this blog called "Drum Beets"? 

I started playing African hand drums when I was 5, got my first drum set in elementary school, toured Europe with my high school jazz band, slayed several state-wide solo competitions, but took a break from music during college. I picked up my sticks again after college, playing tons of local venues with a band called the Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals. While I am no longer performing, I still hold tight to the identity of "drummer." Beets on the other hand were one of my first vegetable obsessions and are included in my sleeve of botanical vegetable tattoos!