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chermoula root vegetable soup

a decade ago, my best friend and i travelled across turkey for 6 weeks. being cheap students and vegetarian, we were thrilled with all of the food options available to us. we ate delicious turkish breakfasts of eggs, veggies, feta and honey, gozleme (turkish style crepes), pide (turkish style flatbread pizzas), simit (sesame covered bagels), lentil soup was at every restaurant, and our favorite snack was roasted chickpeas, lebiebi, which you could buy at every little shop. these chickpeas were simple, satisfyingly salty, nourishing, and shelf stable, so we could pack them on our treks and adventures.  i've tried making roasted chickpeas for myself, many many times. lot's of varieties, like  this recipe . they are delicious and crispy right out of the oven, but leftovers just loose their fun texture. i don't know how they make them in turkey, but i'd never been able to recreate it or find a producer that makes them locally. and then i discovered biena chickp

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