yuzu-ginger avocado toast

folks, i think i've created something magical. it's almost to simple of a non-recipe to write a blog post about, but it's also too delicious to not write a blog post about.

yuzu-ginger avocado mash... it's like a japanese gaucamole. plop in on toast with some gomasio and it's like the best damn avocado toast you've ever put in your pie hole. but you can come up with other fancy things to do with this magical mash. put on top of rice noodles and stir fry, or over some sushi rice with sashimi, or maybe fry up some little wontons and serve it as a dip! oh the possibilities...

last month my band retreated to orcas island in the san juans to play a show at the doe bay resort. we gathered a good group of friends to join us, stayed a few nights in adorable cabins near the ocean and played a rowdy live show in the retreat yoga studio for all the retreat guests and our friends! we enjoyed several meals at the amazing doe bay cafe and spent an afternoon at the island hoppin brewery catching up one of my oldest and dearest friends who now lives on the island. before catching a ferry home, we stopped into the natural food coop to pack a picnic lunch and i saw some samples of island-made gomasio that looked delightful. i snagged a sample and packed it home with me. 

in case you didn't already know, gomasio is a dry japanese condiment made of toasted sesame seeds, salt and sometime dried seaweed. i often used to buy the eden brand gomasio from my local coop, until they stopped carrying eden products all together due to the company's anti-birth control scandal. and the gomasio sold at nearby asian food markets were all laden with msg. so i was thrilled to find this particularly special gomasio! it's made with kelp and nettles foraged from around orcas island and blended with toasted sesame seeds. what a nourishing treat! after gobbling it down with my avocado toast i regretted not buying a full jar of it from the orcas coop! luckily, you can order online from the maker, landsea

yuzu-ginger avocado toast ~ serves 2+
sliced & toasted baguette 
1 avocado, mashed
crushed garlic
fresh yuzu or bottled yuzu juice
fresh grated ginger
thinly sliced green onion, optional
spicy chilis, optional
sea salt

combine ingredients adjusting proportions to taste. i liked tasting more ginger flavor than garlic flavor. if you don't have yuzu juice or fresh yuzus, simply use some lime juice. top over toasted baguette or sprinkle with gomasio or toasted sesame seeds!