thirst quenchers

i really should be better about consuming sufficient amounts of water. my days are often non-stop activity, but it's easy to get "too busy" to drink water until you hit a wall, your mouth is parched, and you realize you've been sweating for four hours and haven't sipped any fluids! water should be your go-to beverage, but in the summer time it sure is fun to mix things up and make juices, smoothies, iced teas and coffees to quench your heat-driven thirst. last week, i wrote a blog post for full circle farms on thirst-quenching beverages. check out the watermelon juice recipe, as well as some other fun beverages to try! 
easy watermelon juice with mint or chili powder

in other news, david and i have settled into our new home in the central district of seattle. we hosted a house warming party last weekend - which was a good motivation to get artwork up on the walls and to purchase a dining room table. i have been wishing and hoping for a dining room table for years! i've made do to host dinner parties over the years, but have never had the appropriate space or furniture to comfortably host a proper dinner party. wow, that sounds so domesticated. but heck! i love to host dinner parties!! i am very excited about our dining table. 

i am also very excited about the container garden i have started on our balcony. i've got peas and strawberries growing, fresh herbs and lavender. hanging baskets and potted plants. they are lovely to look out at from our living room. if i can't have a farm... container gardens will just have to do for now.