foodies in portland

it's not a sufficient excuse for my lack of blog posts this month, but i did take a short vacation to portland to meet up with my climber boy who was returning from a month of bouldering in california and utah. we ate our way through portland, returning back to many of my old favorites in addition to testing out some other fabulous new ones. some highlights to share with you all: the waffle window on hawthorne is perfect for a quick and cheap breakfast that is not to be missed on any trip to portland... savory waffles with bacon and roasted vegetables served out of a window? yes please. our favorite find was tasty 'n sons - we hit them up for brunch one day and for happy hour another. they have the worlds best biscuits. broder was our other favorite breakfast: swedish pancakes and amazing baked eggs in a quaint little neighborhood in southeast portland. we also had a really indulgent meal at clyde commons, right downtown next to the ace hotel. try their daily divine boozy punch. yum! beyond food, david was in coffee heaven ... we stumbled upon two excellent coffee shops: 'barista' in the pearl and 'ristretto' on williams. between meals and sleeping off our food comas, we made it out to portland's new bouldering gym - the circuit in northeast portland (because david can never get enough climbing...) we got just enough exercise to build up our appetites for another day of indulgent meals. it was a fantastic week! 
(david enjoying his first ever bacon-maple bar from voodoo doughnuts ... savory waffles from the waffle window ... swedish pancakes & baked eggs from broder ... parmesan radicchio salad and happy hour cocktails at tasty n sons) 

i could go on and on about food in portland. i should probably just move to portland. instead, david and i are moving away to the central district of seattle in a few weeks. i've spent my whole life in north seattle and the past three years in greenlake, so i'm excited to experience a different part of my city and re-orient myself from the south end... new food and coffee shops to explore, new bike routes to figure out, oh and a new apartment with a washer and dryer and amazing kitchen and a balcony where i can grow herbs and beautiful wood floors (swoooon)! no more coin-op for me!!! (now watch me move in with a months worth of dirty laundry saved up... oy.) 

ok enough life updates. i promise to write a recipe for you all very soon!