spicy tempeh stuffed collard 'tacos'

earlier this month, my other half took off on a month-long road trip across california, utah and nevada in pursuit of climbing the regions most stunning boulders. i sent him off with some of my camera equipment so that he could capture his adventure both in images and film. so today's post will feature some good old fashion camera phone photos. 

cooking for one while he is away isn't always glamorous. i tend towards making simple meals, salads, smoothies. one of my go-to meals is collard green wraps... scrambled eggs, avocado and salsa wrapped up conveniently inside of a large collard leaf... or sprouts, radish, grated carrots and hummus... or today i made these delicious spicy tempeh 'tacos' for lunch. they are a great way to incorporate some nutritious bitter greens into your day, and a fun food to make and eat! 

spicy tempeh stuffed collard 'tacos' ~ serves 2
8 oz package tempeh
4 large collard green leaves 
3 tablespoons grapeseed oil
2 tablespoons tamari 
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin, ground
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
chili flakes to taste
1 avocado
1 sweet bell pepper
1 spicy pepper (optional) 
small bunch green onions
1 cup plain yogurt (or non-dairy yogurt) 
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped 
juice of 1 lime

heat oil over medium heat in a large non-stick pan. crumble tempeh with fingers into pan (about the size of ground meat). fry until lightly browned. add spices and tamari and fry for another minute to combine flavors. remove from heat. 

in a small dish (or in blender), combine chopped cilantro with yogurt and lime juice. set aside. i used this as a dipping sauce, but you could also spoon some inside of your tacos. 

prepare remaining ingredients: thinly slice peppers, acovado and green onions. wash collard greens and square off the bottom of the leaf, removing the stem that protrudes from the leaf. 

to assemble, divide the fillings among the four leaves, leaving room at the top of the leaf for space to fold over (as pictured above). fold the top of the leaf over the fillings, and then fold the outsides in and roll up into a small little burrito. these would also be great with pico de galo, or radishes, or rice and beans. enjoy! 

it just isn't tacos without a messy plate...