a beet smoothie

as much as i love juicing fruits and vegetables, i also want the fiber. so a few years ago i sold my fancy juicer and bought a vitamix. *best birthday present to myself. ever.* i've gotten into a habit of packing a smoothie for my lunch. especially when working in an industry that doesn't always allow for a lunch break, smoothies keep me energized, hydrated and full while i'm buzzing around behind the bar or out serving tables. also, they are delicious and packed with nutrients. my latest favorite concoction includes raw beets. gorgeous in color, and delightfully earthy. coconut water for electrolytes and cashews to help you absorb fat-soluble nutrients. it's a smoothie suitable for any meal of the day! note: i have not tried making a veggie/fruit smoothie in a 'regular' blender. my vitamix does a powerful job of creating a smooth and enjoyable texture and consistency that may be lacking from vegetable smoothies made in 'regular' blenders. so no promises, but feedback  is welcome! (sorry, did that sound like a vitamix commercial? i can't help myself. i'm obsessed.) 

beet smoothie...
8 oz coconut water + 1 small or medium beet + 1 small apple + 1/2 banana
2 small carrots, or 1 large + 2 medium stalks celery + 1 handful spinach
1 oz raw cashews, soaked overnight in water & drained
...blend for up to a minute until very smooth. chill to desired temperature.