tuna bean salad

people in seattle are very finicky about weather. there seems to be about a five degree range in temperatures where everyone is happy - somewhere between 70 to 75. we complain about anything outside of that range. this week is hot. my northwest blood is boiling and my bike commute is rather sweaty. i try not to complain, but my third-floor apartment feels 20 degrees warmer than outside. needless to say, i haven't done much cooking. so after a few days of salads, yogurt and popsicles, i was craving something a bit more substantial and savory. and since there are still a number of dishes i had in italy that i want to recreate, here is another italy-inspired dish.  

white bean and tuna salad

8 oz dried cannellini beans - (check out rancho gordo's heirloom beans!)
5-6 oz tuna packed in oil, oil reserved
1/4 cup red onion, small dice
1/4 cup parsley, roughly chopped
1/4 cup parmesan, shaved
1/4 cup sweet pickled peppers or raw bell peppers - (try some mama lil's!)
sea salt & pepper

crunchy rustic baguette or bread, olive oil

soak beans overnight, submerged in a medium size bowl under two inches of water. in the morning, bring beans to a simmer and cook until buttery but not falling apart - the skins will still have a bit of bite to them, but the bean will be creamy in texture ~ 1 hour or so, check often. you could also soak the beans starting in the early morning, and cook them off in the evening, but allow time for the beans to cool. 
once beans are room temperature or cooler, add remaining ingredients including enough oil from the tuna to coat the salad generously. use it all if you like - yum! 
serve with toasty bread brushed with olive oil, over greens or over a bed of macaroni or other bite-size pastas!