simple summer recipes

summer is such a wonderful season for culinary inspiration. here in the northwest our markets overflow with summer produce. options besides our year-round root vegetables and kale! hurrah! don't get me wrong, i love my root vegetables and kale. but there is so much more inspiration to be drawn from fresh herbs, summer squash, tomatoes and fruit! yes, fruit!! so despite how nice it may be outside (or how warm it may be in my kitchen) i'm often in my kitchen testing new recipes and recreating old favorites all summer long. here are three new recipes that i adapted and developed for a guest post on 'good food life' - full circle farm's wonderful food blog! check it out here for the full recipes! these recipes are great for your summertime picnics and potlucks! enjoy. 

raw vegan cauliflower "cous cous" salad with mint, radish and cucumber 
cherry tomato savory cobbler
parchment-wrapped zucchini, herb and white fish parcels