hello! my name is aubrey. i have a plethora of passions and am pursuing multiple careers, but you've probably arrived to this page to learn more about me in the context of food! 

i have a love affair with vegetables. my left arm is covered in botanical vegetable tattoos and my right arm spends a good portion of every day with a chef knife. i don't label myself as a vegetarian, or follow any particular diet. my food philosphy is simple: i believe in nourishing our bodies with a plant-based diet... without depriving ourselves from foods that bring us joy! as a personal chef, i enjoy experimenting with flavors and developing recipes to help others fuel active lifestyles with a plant-based diet. as a blogger, i write to inspire home chefs to cook intuitively and eat mindfully with a focus on whole foods, seasonal eating and healthful alternatives. 

i'm a rare seattle-native in a city quickly filling with transplants, but i still adore my city and our incredible food, beer and coffee scenes! if you are visiting seattle in the near future, send me a message for all my favorite foodie spots to check out! 

outside of making messes in kitchens, i spend a lot of time riding my bicycle in the seattle rain, practicing and teaching yoga, rock climbing with my boyfriend, and playing drums for a band called the day laborers and petty intellectuals. ah-ha!... now you understand the pun in my blog name! welcome to drumbeets.com!


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